Company History 

  • 1949

    JEOL Ltd Japan was established to manufacturer Electron Microscopes.

  • 1954

    From 1954 Mr Jose Delville operated as a representative in Europe for various companies including JEOL Ltd.

  • 1957

    In 1957 JEOL Ltd appointed the Delvil Company as their exclusive representative for France and the United Kingdom.

  • 1960

    The 'JEM 5Y Transmission Electron Microscope' was exhibited at the Third International Crystal Conference held in London.

    Following the success of this meeting, the first orders in the UK were recorded for JEOL's JEM 6A.

    • British Atomic Energy (x2)
    • Morgan Crucible.
    • British Titanium Products.
    • Imperial College London.
  • 1962

    Mr Jose Delville established a company - Delviljem (London) at Fir Tree House, Headstone Drive, Wealdstone, Middlesex which became the official JEOL distributor for the UK. Dr Kay was appointed Managing Director of Delviljem.

  • 1963

    On the 10th October 1963, Mr Kazato, the founder of JEOL Ltd Japan, opened the first European Jeol Demonstration Centre, at Delviljem (London) which housed the JEM 6A.

  • 1964

    Delviljem (London) moved to larger premises in Hitchin because the space available in Wealdstone for demonstrations was too small. However Dr Kay decided that, for geographical reasons, they should have a London office.

  • 1965

    Delviljem moved to new offices at 4 Shakespeare Rd, Finchley London N3.

  • 1968

    JEOL Ltd Japan established JEOLCO (UK) Ltd. Incorporated on 26th September 1968, with Dr K Ito appointed as Managing Director of JEOLCO (UK) Ltd at the first B.O.D meeting held on the 3rd October 1968. The company initially operated from the same office at 4 Shakespeare Rd, Finchley.

  • 1969

    Mr. T Takeuchi was appointed Managing Director in November 1969.

  • 1970

    The company moved to their office in Grove Park, Colindale, London.

  • 1971

    On 1st April 1971, the company's name was officially changed to the current name JEOL (UK) Ltd.

  • 1975

    Mr. A Mori appointed Managing Director.

  • 1976

    Mr. R Ohata appointed Managing Director.

  • 1977

    Mr. N Tachibana appointed Managing Director.

  • 1979

    Mr. M Ebina appointed Managing Director.

  • 1983

    Mr. N Yamamoto appointed Managing Director.

  • 1985

    Mr. G E Murray appointed Managing Director.

  • 1990

    In July 1990 JEOL (UK) Ltd moved to their current office and demonstration centre in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire with a compliment of 52 staff.

  • 1996

    Mr. M J Hepburn appointed Managing Director.

  • 2010

    Y Matsumoto appointed Managing Director, M.J.Hepburn Chairman.

  • 2013

    Y Takemitsu appointed Managing Director.

  • 2014

    JEOL (UK) Ltd continues to market a wide variety of Scanning Electron Microscopes, Scanning Probe Microscopes, Transmission Electron Microscopes, NMR Spectrometers, ESR Spectrometers, Mass Spectrometers, Amino Acid Analysers and Semiconductor Process Equipment in the UK, Irish Republic and UK territories.

  • 2015

    Mr Shaun Quill appointed Managing Director.