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JEOL UK SEM Workshop

JEOL UK will run a series of one-day workshops.The workshops are intended to provide the new generation of SEM users (including PhD students and postdocs, technical and experimental officers, and EM facility managers) with the introduction to SEM and related analytical techniques, such as energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. 

Lectures and practical sessions will take place in the JEOL UK headquarter, which is located in Welwyn Garden City, and which houses state-of-the-art thermionic and field emission instruments. Topics will range from sample preparation and carrying out basic imaging to elemental analysis and troubleshooting common SEM problems.

The first dates have been set for:

Tuesday 16th April 

Wednesday 17th April

*  This is a one-day course. The content will be repeated on the second day.

** Can’t make it? Keep checking our website – we will have additional dates confirmed soon for summer & fall 2019.

Click here for more details.

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JEOL Postdoc Poster Competition


Last week the annual ‘JEOL Postdoc Poster Competition’ took place at The University of York - Department of Chemistry

The standard of the entries was again very high, making the judges job very difficult.

The winners are…

  • Aggie Lawer - "Selective fluorination: a tool to control peptides' conformation and biological activity"
  • Peter Rayner - "Tunable Catalysts for Hyperpolarisation"

And the runners-up…

  • Fergal Byrne - "2,2,5,5-Tetramethyloxolane (TMO): An Unusual Ether Which Can Replace Hazardous Hydrocarbon Solvents"

  • Sandra Greive - "Probing the function of a thermostable viral portal protein using single molecule electrical sensing"

  • Petr Slavík - "DBS-CONHNH2 Hydrogels with Embedded Catalytically-Active Metal Nanoparticles"
  • Carmen Piras - "Spatial control of multicomponent self-assembled gels

Thank you to everyone who entered and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!